Does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth?

She works in the wine industry and she drinks a lot of red wine, coffee and through time her teeth have become darker. Bianca needs to make her smile a bit brighter. To her it is very important because it attracts more people, when you smile your beautiful smile makes you more confident.

She want it done quickly without spending an arm and a leg. So for her a good option seemed to be a process called ‘Quick White’ the treatment involves using a light to activate a whitening gel on the teeth. It is a brand new procedure developed that takes one third of the time of virtually everybody elses whitening procedure.

Instead of three doses of the whitening gel you only need one dose to almost approach the same level of whitening.

The key is before the whitening gel and light is put on, the dentists puts on a pretreatment gel made of diamond dust. This pretreatment makes the teeth three shades lighter. The cost of this treatment is only $200 per session compared to some other treatments that cost $2000.

The procedure takes less than an hour and is safe because the bleaching material is only on the teeth for a short period of time. Because of this short time it creates much less sensitivity when compared to other whiteners. The results have shown five to seven shades lighter so far which is really good. Usually with Zoom bleach they get nine shades or ten shades.

So more than half of the result on what will normally be three sessions, in one third the session and one third the fee as well. While many people use ‘Quick White’ as their principal teeth whitening method many also use it as a touch up method for events such as weddings, reunions, job interviews and other important dates.

Bianca likes it because it is easy, it only takes 20 minutes. She can come have it done during her lunch break and the head back to the office, with your arm and leg intact.

Home Teeth Whitening: How Can I Get My Teeth Whiter at Home?

Are you interested in knowing how you can get your teeth whiter at home? The following article will explain a couple of different options you have to bleach your teeth at home and learn the method of whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide. One of the first options is that you would purchase Hydrogen Peroxide. Then deep your toothbrush in the peroxide and let it sit in there for a while.

Take it out and brush your teeth with it for about 1 to 2 minutes, let it sit on your teeth too as you brush your teeth really focusing on getting in between your teeth and around the crevacies. Remove the toothbrush rinse your mouth out with some salt water rinse or with cold water just to get the nasty taste out.

Another option is to get some baking soda, place water in it to make it like a paste consistency and then deep your toothbrush in it. It will look almost like a toothpaste and brush your teeth with it for 1 to 2 minutes or a bit longer if you feel the need to. It all depends on how severe the staining is on your teeth. Rinse your mouth out with some cold water.

You would want to do this periodically say for one to two times a week, or once a week. What that will do is keep the staining of your teeth especially if you are a big coffee drinker or a smoker. It will kind of remove those stains and keep your teeth nice and white. Those are some of the different solutions you have to bleach your teeth from home.

Here are 3 other products you can try at home to whiten your teeth…

  • TeethMaxWhite – Whitens up to 7 shades, Works Almost Instantly!
  • Idol White – A teeth whitening pen polishes while whitening teeth.
  • Celebrity Smile – Whitens your teeth 3 – 5 shades, in just 2 weeks.