Ingrown Hair Bikini

Bikini Area hair
Many women  after removing or shaving the pubic hair areas sometimes result in  ugly bumps  and painful reddish skin at the bikini hair line . This cause ingrown hair bikini line problem in women who want to look good in their beach-ready bikini.

Women with curly pubic hair can avoid ingrown hair bikini line problem  from appearing by following  some simple rules when shaving pubic region.

1. Do not shave over the same skin  too many times

2. Do not shave against the direction the pubic hair grows.

3. Prevent  ingrown hair bikini line by using a lot of gel or shaving foam when shaving with a razor.

4. Get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating them before pubic shaving.  This helps to reduce  regrow hair that can be trapped in dead skin cells.

5. If you you are using wax  to remove bikini hair line, make sure you remove the  root of the hair completely to prevent  ingrown hair bikini line from appearing. Go to a good spa. The bikini wax  use is more effective at removing hair from the roots.

Although ingrown hair bikini line is a common problem among ladies, learning how to prevent them is not that difficult by following the  simple steps above.