Lower Back Pain in Women during Pregnancy

Lower back pain in women often happen during pregnancy. No wonder since it is the hard times for some women due to the fact that when being pregnant, the body changes, not only the figure but also the hormones. That is why it is not surprising to know that there will be many complaints during pregnancy, like lower left abdominal pain in women. Some women have the back pain in their first months of pregnancy until the birth, which means it lasts during the pregnancy. Some women only experience it during the fifth to seventh month. It is actually impossible to ignore the pain in women in the period since it can affect the daily activity.

The kinds of pain

There are three kinds of lower back pain during pregnancy. The first one is the pain you feel whenever you stand or sit. The second is the pain that comes only at night and the third is the pain at the deep of your buttocks or at the back of the pelvis. All of them are caused by the stretch of the abdominal muscle to give a room for your baby. This stretched muscle imbalances the pelvis since the pelvis cannot stabilize it anymore. Because of that, the back muscle handles it. And the pressure is actually too much for the back muscle. That is why the pain in women and in men happen.

How to relieve

Actually, there are some ways to relieve this kind of pain in women during pregnancy before it is getting unbearable.  The first is, try to maintain the best posture. Do not force yourself to have the strict posture that may be painful. The second is; do not wear high-heels shoes. You should know that the pressure of high-heels can increase the lower back pain in women. The third is; do not lift any heavy things. Lifting heavy things also can worsen the lower back pain in women. The fourth is; do not stand in a too-long time. If you think you cannot handle it anymore, just sit down. It will decrease the lower back pain in women indeed.

The fifth is; wear the maternity belt. It will support your belly and relieve the pain. The sixth is; you can invest an ergonomic chair to reduce the pain too. The seventh is; you do have to try to sleep on your comfortable side. It is useful to relieve the lower back pain in women at night. The eighth is; try to have a warm-water bath. The warm bath will relax the stress muscle and help reducing the lower back pain in women. If those ways still do not work, then it means that you have to talk to your doctor to have the safe pain killer for the lower back pain in women.